UX-87 Building
2013 . Mexico City.
This building, encompassing 15 apartments, located in the Narvarte neighborhood, was designed for a construction company.

The client’s main priority was to be able to offer different-sized apartments to its clients, in addition to a range of space options.

The project consisted of 3 types of apartment on each floor: the largest (103m2) faced Calle Uxmal, the smallest (70m2) were located in the center of the building, and the medium-sized apartments (85m2) were located at the back of the lot.

The interior apartments were illuminated and ventilated by means of interior patios.

Each of the ground-level apartments made use of open spaces, such as private terraces.

The apartments on the fifth floor were designed over 2 floors, offering 3-bedroom apartments and a private roof garden. Furthermore, a public roof garden for the rest of the apartments was designed on the top floor of the building.

For the design of the main façade, we used only 2 types of materials: black volcanic rock, and dark wood. The volcanic rock was used to frame the windows of the master bedrooms and the building’s access point, while the dark wood was used in the gates leading to the parking spaces.